Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marshall Titus • I Will

If there was a song that would work as a mantra for any and all of the athletes at the 2012 London Olympics, it would have to be "I Will" by the amazing and talented Marshall Titus. This ballad takes on an anthemic flavor, big, bold and building. That is heightened by the depth of Marshall's voice, as well as emotional content Titus obviously feels to the core. And with a chorus that says:

I will be strong
I will be brave
Lessons I learn
On this walk of faith
I will be strong
I will brave
I will keep on
I will my soul I give

Yes, I think this is perfect for the athletes of any Olympiad.

In fact, after listening again, I can say I am sure it is a remarkable song for anyone who has lived. I think it is amazing, as is much of the music by Marshall Titus. You can purchase the single "I Will" on iTunes and Amazon. For more about Marshall Titus, "like" his Facebook page, and listen to some great music. But I will have to warn you, once I started listening, I had to hear more, and get it on my iPod. Marshall Titus is truly addictive.

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