Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chadwick Johnson Revisited

Chadwick Johnson

I first brought you the sweet EP Soul Rising by gifted vocalist, Chadwick Johnson. You can find that post here. While I loved the music, I had a few questions about a couple of the songs, and they were answered by the man himself, Chadwick Johnson. I am always moved when an artist takes a moment to read the blog, and respond to a question or two I might have.

Chadwick Johnson

I got an email and Chadwick told me Soul Rising was dedicated the EP to his stepfather, Jeff Moll, who passed away unexpectedly last November. That explains why the project seemed so close to his heart, to be sure! In fact, he mentions that just before he sang the touching "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground", written by the great Willie Nelson.

The EP was produced by Matt Bobb and the artist himself. In fact, they also wrote "Stain On My Heart" and "I'm Gonna Live" together for Chadwick to record. He also told me the song "Everywhere You Are" was written by Kalani Queypo and Kyle Puccia. Here is a video featuring a great live performance of the moving "Stain On My Heart" from the Release Party in Los Angeles.

To purchase your digital download of Soul Rising, go to iTunes or Amazon. To purchase the physical CD, complete with dedication and more pictures, go to Amazon. And his cover of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" is only available on the digital download version. You can hear the music being featured on Jango Radio.

Chadwick Johnson - Soul Rising


  1. and do Not miss his dance music recordings..:)

    1. No, they are great. His "Intoxicated" is brilliant.



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