Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mike Burns • Chapter Twenty-Seven

Mike Burns Chapter Twenty Seven COVER

I am crazy about the latest release from Mike Burns, so I need to chalk up another one for J.D. Doyle and Queer Music Heritage. I tell you, he will make me go broke buying the music of fantastic LGBT musicians, as he continues to showcase their work. One of the most recent is the wonderful Mike Burns. From the moment I heard a song, I've been hooked on the music of this Austin, Texas, singer/songwriter. Needless to say, I had to buy his recently-released album, Chapter Twenty-Seven. I must also admit to purchasing an older album, Courage & Longing, also fantastic.

Mike Burns

Let me get right to the topic. Chapter Twenty-Seven was released on February 14, 2012, a collection of eleven strong songs that started off with "Contest (Make Your Own Bed)". Quickly Burns establishes he combines Pop and Folk with a deft hand. There is a softness in his delivery, one that both charms and pulls the listener in. In "Loving You", Burns gives a sexy edge to the song, as seductive as it was honest. This is a special song, one that could get me listening to the radio again, had it be on there. "The End Corporation" shifts the mood again, as Burns explores his angry side. The fired up singer/songwriter is on the money for the song. The fourth cut on the album is the lovely and touching "August 3rd", also the first video for the album. There is a palpable heartbreak you can feel in both the song and video.

There is a simple warmth and beauty to "March 15th" that just feels like someone offering to help you back to your feet after a hard fall. Now, it is tough to beat the charm of "Postcard", the next track. There is a nostalgic quality, Burns taking the opportunity to look at his life. Enjoy this live clip of Burns playing the song.

"Just Who Are You" kicks off with a hypnotic and moody feel. The song soon moves beyond that, to take a strong stand. And talking about strong, there is an amazing beauty to "Denitia". The song looks to Mike's heart, and talks to the strength. The minute I heard the opening bars of "The Finest Lady (Oh Bella Pt. 2)", I thought of some great Folk music of the 60s and 70s that crossed into Pop, with a simple sound that defied the complexity of the melody. With the tenth cut, "Now, About Us?", there is a brash strength in both the music and message. There is a great affirmation here, emboldened by an great arrangement. There is a brilliant defiance from the start in "Fist to the Sun"". Check out this clip of a live performance.

I am so thrilled this artist and his music are now a part of my collection. You can add it to yours as well, as 'Chapter Twenty-Seven' is available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. For more about Mike Burns, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter.


  1. So glad to turn you onto this artist...:)

    1. I thank you. My ears and heart thank you. My bank account will thank you at some point... LOL



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