Friday, August 13, 2010

One Week & Counting till Theo Tams

theo tams

In one weeks time, I will be basking in the post-show glow of my very first Theo Tams show. Next Thursday night, I have a ticket for his show at the Lebovic Centre for the Performing Arts, and I am so very excited. I will be driving to the Toronto area while his Taking It All Back tour is in the area. I plan to take advantage, and catch two or three shows while I am there. I will be bringing my Theo-stuff hoping to get it signed. You see, at heart, I am a big fan of Theo, and have been hoping to get the chance to see him perform live since first discovering the 2008 Canadian Idol winner. The first song I heard was the single Lazy Lovers, which you can see him performing live here.

I have his post-win release, Giving It All Away, as well as his pre-Idol EP, Unexpected. I also have the book that was published about him after the win. I was thinking of which songs I would enjoy hearing, and just about any will do. I really have so many favorites! I will be bringing my camera and a videocam, hoping to catch something worthwhile I might be too excited to get anything worthwhile, but will try. Here he is singing Blacklight, a song from the EP.

This will also mark my first time visiting Canada, so that is exciting as well. It seems strange, since I lived in Vermont, just about an hour from the border, and never made it there. I look forward to seeing Toronto, and am sure I will have a great time, meeting some Theo fan's I have met online!


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