Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Followers - McNary & Eshan

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McNary, left, and Eshan, right.

Hey folks, sorry I've been a bit behind on the blog lately, but life has kept me a bit at bay. However, we do have two fabulous new members of the Soundtrack family, and I will be starting with McNary. He is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie singer/songwriter, whose music is self-described as indie-pop/alt-Country, while I would add an influence of the blues, with an amazingly expressive voice. When checking him out, I have to say I really enjoyed the music I heard. I had to go to his FaceBook page and add myself as a fan here. You can also check out his music on YouTube here, although I will say I am posting one of his clips below, because I enjoyed it so much. Also, you can check out his blog here.

Also, I'd like to welcome Eshan Kanwar, an engineering student from Punjab, India. His interests include soccer, movies, reading and music, according to his profile. Eshan has also done a bit of writing on a newly revived blog here. His writing is very introspective and interesting. Check him out.

The traditional Soundtrack welcome has been some music, and I decided to share McNary's music with everyone this time. If you enjoy it like I do, hit on one of the links in his paragraph and check it out. I am interested in hearing more, that is for sure. The song is Would Be Lover.

Welcome everyone!


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