Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night with Shane Mack

shane mack
shane mack

In the past, I have made it quite clear how much I love the music of Shane Mack. To the best of my knowledge, you can purchase his songs as part of the soundtrack for the amazing movie Shelter, but no album of his own. For me, this is damn near criminal, as I find myself listening to his music all the time, on YouTube, his MySpace page, and some downloads I purchased from SnowCap on his MySpace, and still cannot get enough. The songs are beautifully written, and his voice can go from a honey-whisper to bold statement, making his recordings very special. Take, for example, one of my favorites, Clean. Lyrically, it is amazing, and he is so connected to the emotions, I love listening.

The song More Than This was also part of the Shelter soundtrack. While not very long, it is rich and beautiful.

I am also fond of his Remember To Forget. The song is a bittersweet nod to the end of a relationship. There is that period of time you remember all the good times, whether you want to or not.

Another song I love is Wreckage. If you want more proof of his talent, here is a cover by Kelly Clarkson, and before she starts the song, she talks about this 'amazing' talent.

So, I stand strong in wanting my Shane Mack album! For more, you can check him out on the MySpace link above, or on FaceBook here. And if you haven't seen Shelter, you really should. That is a great movie. You can find the Shelter soundtrack on Amazon here or on iTunes here.


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