Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life Can Be Surprising, Still...


You know, when you have things happen in the lives of people you love, people in your family, you never can really tell how it is going to effect you. I mean that on many levels. There are times when you feel it, like the joy of someone getting married, yet you are on the periphery, and are just feeling good for others. And there is the twinge of pain, for those of us who really thought that was a right we were never going to take part of, reminding us/me there were many out there who just believe I am not worthy, I am defective. Or when a baby is born, when the news, also joyous, yet the joy belongs to others. But the first time you touch or hold that baby, it takes it to another level, There is a new life, an amazing gift.


But there is the other side of the coin, the pain of loss. My cousin recently lost her husband, and while that saddened me, it was when I hugged her, or when I talked to her that I really felt the loss. Or when another becomes deeply saddened, almost wounded. I might have a visceral reaction to whatever the cause is, but it is the loss that really drives my reaction. It might be the loss of innocence of the young, or the loss of hope that truly and deeply saddens. That is often what really gets to me, makes me feel it to the core.

Sometimes, however, it is the strength and beauty of a life that really impresses, even in the face of adversity, that becomes one of the most joyous and special of highs. It can be rejuvenating, and help to recharge your spirit. You hope to be there for people, to offer a shoulder on which to cry, and the next thing you know, you are getting back seemingly more than you gave.

So, for Margie, Justin, Shannon & Chris, know that you have inspired me recently. Thank you, for being in my life, I am grateful. And I am posting this song, Let Go, by Theo Tams.


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