Friday, February 22, 2013

Date Night • You Can't Curry Love

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You Can't Curry Love photo Curry004_zpse0771282.jpg You Can't Curry Love photo Curry005_zpsb868d678.jpg

Many still consider Friday night to be 'date night', although that hasn't been true for me for a very long time. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying great movies on Friday nights,at least when I can find one. So tonight, we can all watch 'You Can't Curry Love', a charming 24-minute short film I recently found online. The movie asks the probing question, "can a young man from England go to India for work and come back with love instead?" The movie stars Ashwin Gore and Rakshaak Sahni, both absolutely adorable. And both Russell Reynolds and Upasana Beharee put in hysterical performances as the flirty boss and prying best friend, respectively. It was written and directed by Reid Waterer, and manages to not only tell the story, but to also capture some stunning footage of the country of India. The film is the Official Selection of more than 65 festivals on six continents, and has already earned seven Jury and Audience Awards. I say put the film in full screen and enjoy 'You Can't Curry Love', because I loved it!

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