Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brett Gleason & Jana Fisher

Brett Gleason & Jana Fisher photo BrettJana0001_zpsc3724f6a.jpg
Brett Gleason & Jana Fisher photo BrettJana0002_zps390eb43b.jpg Brett Gleason & Jana Fisher photo BrettJana0003_zpsba93c51c.jpg

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give you all a taste of what I was happy to have had the chance to partake and enjoy, and evening of music with the wonderful Brett Gleason and the lovely Jana Fisher. It is the right time, as tonight I am so pleased to be at a special show in Washington, DC, featuring Eric Himan and Tom Goss! So one live treat deserves another. While I am still working on getting by pictures and videos together, I thought offering you an overview of the performances of the performances at MilkBoy Coffee would be in order. And I will start with the performance of Brett Gleason, whose music has fascinated me since I found his first EP, 'The Dissonance'. I love who he structures his music, with layers that fold together much like origami. Brett makes Rock music that is built like Classical, with elements of Jazz and Pop. I was just so excited to finally see him play live, and I was certainly not disappointed. Here is my take on the show, or 'Brett Gleason Live In Concert In Less Than 4 Minutes'.

I was introduced to the music of Jana Fisher by Gleason. He often referred to her as his bestie, and the one who made the booking to bring Brett to my neck of the woods. I would describe her music as more traditional Folk/Pop, personal songs written from the heart that describe this human journey we are all on. Take this opportunity to enjoy one man's view of "Jana Fisher Live In Under 4 Minutes".

For more about Brett, you can find him on his official website, on Tumblr, 'like' him on Facebook, or 'follow' him on Twitter. For more about Jana, you can find her on her official website, 'like' her on Facebook, or 'follow' her on Twitter. I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated look the night, which was great fun. And as a reminder, support live music when you can!


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