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Being Human • "What's Blood Got To Do With It?"

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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When we last saw out supernatural trio, they were, in fact, mostly not supernatural. Josh is still not a werewolf, but still dating one. And Sally was no longer a ghost, having been brought back to life. Aiden, however, is still a vampire, and in fact showed his black eyes and fangy smile to Kenny, the boy in the bubble. And Mr. McLean, father of the late twins, returns to deliver wolf-puppy Erin to Nora and Josh, to make a somewhat odd family unit. Oh, yeah, Sally was dating hottie Max, after having driven his ghost of a mother away with smudging sage. Who knows what these characters will get up to next.

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The show begins with more food-porn, with Sally and Max making out at the kitchen sink with a fork and french toast. Josh comes in, and mentions that some toast is burning while they insert toast in each others mouth. Aiden comes downstairs, and complains about Nora taking too much time in the shower, but it isn't her, it is Erin. And Josh is a bit excited to learn Aiden is taking a shower, and going back to work? Of course not, since Kenny saw him as a vampire. Erin comes down to tell them the drain is clogged, and do some french toast with her whipped cream. The door bell rings, and Sally runs to answer it. She peaks out the door, and sees it is her brother Robbie, who is taking over the house, since his father now owned it after Sally's death. Sally freaks out, fearing he or her father might see her, and die since her resurrection. She tries to come up with a plan with Josh and Aiden, but also mentions Robbie was always a problem, selling drugs in high school, and maybe some theft. In fact, if he is around, they should lock up the valuables.

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After Sally and Aiden head out to work, Josh is cleaning the living room, filled with Erin's clothes. Then he hears a noise in the basement, and assumes it is Aiden, avoiding work. Aiden is still at work, and keeping Kenny for the first time. Kenny brings up the fact he is a vampire, and even offers to let Aiden feed from him. Josh goes down in the basement, and finds Erin down there, saying she is looking like a place to change next time. He tells her she needs to respect people's privacy, tidy up behind herself, and change in the storage room next to Nora. And he realizes he has become his mother.

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Sally goes to work at the funeral home, and finds Max to be a bit standoffish. After the talk a bit, his feelings are hurt she shares with her roommates, but not her lover. He feels as though she is keeping him at arm's length, not even willing to go out to dinner with him. But she wants to stay with him the next few days, to avoid seeing her brother. He agrees. Back at the hospital, Adien is working, and has to pull some blood from Kenny. The boy has questions, and all about being a vampire. He wants to learn, and also wants to keep their friendship alive. He offers some extra blood for Aiden's personal supply, and asks how he came to be a vampire 360 years earlier. That is when Aiden remembers turning in the Revolutionary war - it is Bishop. Aiden is trying to just be a soldier, and he comes upon Bishop, who toys with him a bit, giving the man the choice between death and life everlasting. When that doesn't convince Aiden, Bishop threatens to kill all his fellow soldiers as well.

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Erin is in the house, and Josh is as well. She is reading Josh's books, trying to figure out what the curse is all about. Aiden interjects that Josh needs to dial it back, and try to support the kid rather than dictating her life. Josh is concerned Erin is more 'My So Called Life' than anything else, so drama-filled. Speaking of drama, Sally is out walking with her hoodie pulled tight, but still manages to run into Robbie, who recognizes her. He is confused, but she is frightened, for she is sure she just killed him. She ran off to get Josh, and insists he takes her to see Donna, the witch who handled her resurrection. Kenny and Aiden are chatting again, about Kenny wanting to get out. Aiden mocks him, talking about Travolta's Bubble Boy suit, and Seinfeld. But Kenny cuts to the chase, and asks Aiden to turn him. He remembers when he turned, first waking up with heightened senses. He pushes Bishop away, and returns to his regiment, only the first time he sees blood, he must feed. And he kills his good friend before he knows what he has done. Meanwhile, Josh and Sally find Donna, and demand Robbie is saved, but the witch doesn't feel intimidated, even after Sally picks up a knife. She pushes the two around with her powers, and seems to cut off Sally's breathing.

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Donna threatens the two, saying she can end it all now. Sally begs, and Donna offers a compromise, that she can see all her family, but when she dies, Donna will get her soul. Josh tries to dissuade her, but Sally won't hear it, and goes through with the deal. As Sally walks out, Josh looks up and realizes Donna knew this would happen. Sally asks what will happen to her soul, but Donna tells her she has lost the right to know. They leave. Sally goes to see Robbie, who was not feeling well earlier, but better now (since Sally sold her soul). But he is on his way out of town, and was just trying to scam some money from the boys. He is still a mess, and Sally says goodbye. She sold her soul, and might never see him again. At the hospital, Kenny is checking out some new comic books when Aiden comes in. He asks the vampire about turning him. Aiden doesn't want to, for he knows what it will cost the boy. But Kenny explains he wants to turn, for he wants to be stronger, to live outside the confines of the hospital. When he turns 18 next year, he is leaving care, whether Aiden turns him or not. Aiden remembers the pain he felt of taking his first victim, and how he hated Bishop for turning him. He flashes back, as Bishop caught him hiding the body. They argue, and another soldier comes upon them, Bishop invites him to join them, and almost immediately pulls him in, ready to feed off him.

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As Josh comes home, he is impressed how clean the living room was left by Erin, who is asleep on the sofa. Or is she, as she opens her eyes when Josh leaves. Sally goes to see Max, trying to apologize for the recent spate of crazy. She wants another chance, and they can now go out anywhere he wants to take her. They kiss. We flash to the house, and Erin is texting someone. It is McLean, and he wants her to contaminate Aiden's blood supply with her werewolf blood, and let him know, so she can pick up the vampire. Aiden comes home, drinks from his supply, and immediately gets sick. As he lays choking on the floor, Erin comes in with a stake. Will she stake him, or keep him for McLean? Will Josh come home in time to save his friend? Can Sally find happiness despite selling her soul? Guess we'll have to check in next week to find out. Watch the trailer for next week.

Don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the second season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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