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Being Human • Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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Last we saw our supernatural trio, Sally was flirting with Max, her new boss at the funeral home. She is also fascinated by her own ability to consume, something she could not do while a ghost. Josh and Nora were trying to find werecub Erin, not long after Josh met Nora's very dysfunctional family. And Aidan was starting back to work at the hospital, and spies a boy in a bubble, completely germ free. Tonight, we first see a rough-looking vampire nibbles on a rat, only to be found by men looking to kill off all vamps. It gets spiked and dusted in short order by werewolf daddy Mr. McLean. Back at the house, Sally is eating her waffles voraciously, erotically, and a bit disgustingly. But that fun is broken up by Aidan coming in after a long night shift at work. He goes up to rest, and wakes up after dreaming of being in the hospital as a patient, snacking on the doctor. He wakes up, with the two nurses from his dream with the two nurses in their bra and panties, with some covered with a bit of blood. They seem to be haunting him, and chatting to him. In a sexy, Aidan-is-shirtless kinda way. Outside, Josh and Nora are chatting while putting up signs hoping to find Erin, although not sure they can find her.Sally reports to her first day at work, and walks in on Max working on an elderly man in all his glory, leading to some ball jokes. Once again there is flirting, albeit oddly uncomfortable. Especially when the old man's ghost pops in to complain. He follows Sally into another room, and she shreds him. Aidan answers the door and sees a cute woman, as well as his two favorite ghosts/hallucinations. There is more awkward flirtation, which turns to fear.

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Back in the funeral home, Sally invites Max on her double-date with Nick and Zoe. He says yes, and then meets his mother, who is a ghost. She seems to have an attitude about her son, both protective and dismissive, at the same time. She is around when Sally invited him out, and it doesn't seem to agree with her. Nora introduces Josh to Mr. McLean, the father of the weretwins. He has some questions, as he is still looking for his daughter, Bryn. Josh has to explain he is no longer a werewolf, for he killed his maker. Nora points out Ray was attacking her, and it seems to satisfy the were-daddy. On the night shift, Aidan wonders back to ask Kenny, the bubbleboy, to turn down the television, starting a discussion. They chat about horror films, and Adian's girl-ghosts pop in, reminding him the clean blood would be a perfect meal. Aidan tries to fight the urge, but ends up taking a vial of blood from Kenny, for his eating pleasure. Back at the house, Soe, Nick, Sally and Max have a great time, until Max's Mom stops in, seen by everyone but Max. She is rude, and Sally chases her off. Soon Zoe and Nick leave, and there is much awkwardness, especially when Sally leans in to kiss Max, but he avoids her, and leaves. Leaving the hospital, Aidan was being chased by werewolves, including Mr. McLean. Aidan gets the best of them, and leaves after seeing the older wolf.

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A nurse stops by to take a blood sample from Kenny, and he mentions he already gave earlier that night to Aidan. She doesn't see any record of it, and it gives them pause. Back at the funeral home, Sally chats with Max about the night before. He is shy, Sally pushes on, and they kiss. And more. Aidan is back at work, and Kenny is playing with a video camera, taping Aidan in sunlight through the windows. Kenny seems very suspicious, checking out Aidan. Soon Sally and Max are doing it in the parlor, and after they are done, it freaks out a shirtless Max, who is rather a treat to look at. But too soon he leaves, and his mother comes in, calling Sally a slut, and tells her she was Max's first. Sally argues with her, and Mom goes away. On the street, Nora and Josh are walking noticing Erin's posters were taken down, when Mr. McLean would like help to take Aidan out, to stake him. He wants either Nora or Josh to help him. If not, he will kill them. Sally shows up at the funeral home, telling Max she is leaving. And the sex wasn't all that good, either. He is confused, and she quits. Josh and Nora talk about the conversation with Mr. McLean, and Nora is torn. The older werewolf scares her. Josh, however, is steadfast, and will have none of the plan to kill his best friend.

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Aidan goes back to Kenny, who hold a crucifix up for Aidan to see. Finally, he awkwardly asks Aidan if he is a vampire. Aidan laughs it off, treating Kenny like a petulant boy, and takes away his television. Sally is awakened in bed, by Max's mother. She tells her there is no need to get up, she no longer has a job. Or a boyfriend. It seems the mother inhabited Sally's body, quit the job and insulted the hottie. Once Sally realizes what happened, she goes to see Zoe, who tells her about the Soul-lock from Thailand, a cool necklace. Josh goes to see Mr. McLean, with a gun. He tells him neither Nora nor Josh will have anything to do with killing Aidan, he his family. He gets the point across, but Me. McLean is not impressed, and tells him to leave. Back at the hospital, Aidan stops by to visit Kenny, who apologizes for the whole vampire thing. He admits he has a tough time with people, having been kept away from them for so long. Aidan is okay with it, and watches a movie with him. Sally returns to the funeral home, to find Linda, Max's mother. She uses the necklace, and prevents the ghost from possessing her body. Sally burns some sage to cleanse her spirit away, telling the ghost she needs to set Max free. Back at the house, Josh is telling Nora about his encounter with Mr. McLean, when there is knock at the door. It is McLean, returning with Erin. He tells Josh to take care of his family, and do a better job than he did with his own. At a restaurant, Sally meets up with Max, who is looking a bit wounded. She apologizes, saying "I wasn't myself," which we know is literally true. She wants to start fresh, just the two of them. Max agrees, as long as they have no more sex in the funeral home. But Sally refuses to make that promise, and kisses him.

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Back at the hospital, Aidan is awakened by the nurse. She starts questioning him, about his taking blood from Kenny. Aidan tries to wiggle out of it, but cannot. She threatens to report him, and turns to walk away. He loses it, and grabs her, breaking her neck. He looks over to Kenny, who is still asleep. But Aidan still is freaked, and starts to whimper. He wakes with a start, but vampiric. His eyes are black, and his fangs popped, and when he looks up, Kenny is staring at him. His ghostly Greek chorus mentions that his story might be out. Will Kenny let everyone know he is a vampire? Will Mr. McLean now leave Aidan alone? Can Sally and Max be able to work together and have their relationship work out? Only time, and the next episode will tell. Or the preview, if you want to check out what is to come...

Don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the second season on both iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about 'Being Human', check out the official website. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.


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