Monday, February 18, 2013

Dark Monday • (You're Not Sick) You're Just In Love

Call Me Madam album cover photo CALL_ME_MADAM_zps9911e4b4.jpg

I just could not resist continuing by Valentine love-fest to this Monday post, knowing full-well we are 4 days beyond the holiday. In search of something special, I hit upon a delightful song from the 1950 Broadway hit 'Call Me Madam'. The original production starred superstar Ethel Merman, as well as the music of the great Irving Berlin. The story was based on the life of Washington socialite Perle Mesta, a Democratic fundraiser who went on to be named Ambassador to Luxembourg. The story was said to be a tongue-in-cheek look at politics, D.C. social life, and foreign affairs. The original Broadway production was quite unique, for producer Leland Hayward got the money from NBC Television and RCA Records for the production, giving each a third of the profit. He also did the unthinkable, raising the price of the orchestra seats to a record $7.20. It was made into a movie in 1953, still starring Merman, as well as Donald O'Connor, Vera-Ellen, and George Sanders. Watch this clip to see Ethel and Donald singing the season-appropriate "(You're Not Sic) You're Just In Love".

You can find the soundtrack for 'Call Me Madam' on iTunes or Amazon.


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    1. Glad to be able to post about it, Behr! There are so many great Irving Berlin songs!



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