Friday, February 8, 2013

Sir Ari Gold • Livin', Rockin' and Forgivin'

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Just thought I would take a moment to remind everyone there is still time to be a part of the latest from Sir Ari Gold. Don't let the picture fool you. No, Sir Ari Gold is not shifting gears and recording a Country album, but that won't stop him from putting on a stetson and a smile for the camera. The gorgeous singer/songwriter has been playing on my iTunes since I first discovered his music. He has continually made great music, combining Pop, R&B, Soul, and Dance to make four wonderful full-length albums, and countless singles since 2001. In my last post, I offered up the song that was the point of discovery for me, "Waves of You" off the 2001 album, 'Ari Gold'. I saw the music video, and was intrigued, and purchased the album, and loved it. He was a strong gay man, writing songs relating to the life of urban gay men. I am sure many doors were closed to him because of his choice to be out, but damn, I am glad he did.

Ari Gold debut cover photo arigolddebutCover_zps14b33cec.jpg Ari Gold Space Under Sun photo arigoldspaceUnderSunCOVER_zps9d0d88bc.jpg
Ari Gold Transport Systems cover photo AriGoldTransportSystemsCover_zps3c40f053.jpg Sir Ari Gold Between The Spirit & the Flesh photo SirArigGoldBetweentheSpiritAndTheFleshCOVER_zps77314154.jpg

Ari's second album, 2004s 'Space Under Sun', was quite the interesting collection. It had the gorgeous "Bashert (Meant To Be)" and the bass-driven "He's On My Team", a delightful duet with Kendra Ross. One of the real standout tracks was "Love Will Take Over", a song I still love. Bold and sexy, this is a great song to get your weekend started.

In 2007 Ari release the album 'Transport Systems', a collection just jam-packed with great music. There was great duet with Sasha Allen on "Where The Music Takes You", the sassy "Mr. Mistress", and the lush cover of "Human" featuring Mr. Mann. And there was also an undeniable strength of "I Can Forgive You", a soulful ballad that delivers. The song also had the benefit of a great video directed by Christopher Ciccone.

Ari's latest album, 'Between the Spirit & the Flesh', was released in 2011. It featured great songs like "Sparkle", a glorious duet with Sarah Dash, and "My Favorite Religion", which takes a look at faith and love. But the first single and video off the album was for the sexy and eerie "Make My Body Rock". I have to say Ari makes a tempting vampire, although that didn't surprise me in the slightest.

See, it is always great to jump-start your weekend with the music of Sir Ari Gold, isn't it? I suspect the next video will be "Play My F**Kin' Record", which is in the process of being worked on now. It is going to be a 3D Multi-Media experience, and he has a page on Indie-Go-Go, and there is just over a week for you to join in and support Sir Ari Gold and the music he makes. Check out the page and see if you'd like to make sure indie LGBT artists continue to make music that represents us, and speaks to our journey. Buy one of his albums, old or new, or support his Indie-Go-Go Project. Give voice to your support, so the world will continue to hear the music of our lives being made.

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