Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fred Oskar • Just A Haircut

Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0001_zpsf65ec845.jpg Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0009_zps0787a8c2.jpg
Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0010_zps70214e51.jpg Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0002_zpse72b114e.jpg

I received an email telling me Fred Oskar had a new single, with a link to check it out. One of the interesting parts of email was being informed that not only did I know of Fred Oskar, but I already 'his' music in my collection. It seems the artist currently known as 'Fred Oskar' is also the artist formerly known as 'Simon Walton'. Walton had a great single, "The Lover", which featured a great collaboration with rapper Loco Ninja. That was a wonderful collaboration of two out and proud artists. I really enjoyed Walton's 2011 release, 'Proud Music', but haven't heard much from him for the last year. I guess I know why now. Simon Walton is no more, and Fred Oskar is releasing new music and a music video, as the pictures above and below can attest.

Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0003_zpsfc9201e2.jpg Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0005_zps36594f93.jpg
Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0008_zps886549bb.jpg Fred Oskar - Just A Haircut photo Haircut0006_zps50ce1367.jpg

Fred Oskar released "Just A Haircut", an ElectroPop ditty featuring Fred Oskar discussing his dating life. It seems there is a cute boy he likes, but upon closer examination, he's just a boy with a great haircut and sweet t-shirt. Honestly, I met plenty of those boys back in the 1980s. As well as the single, Oskar has released a new music video. In it, Fred sings with himself, or at least a feminine version of himself. As they both strip back the layers of the dating game, we are soon left with the realization that the sexually charged arena of dating does take more than cute to win your heart. Enjoy the video for "Just A Haircut".

You can purchase "Just A Haircut" from iTunes and Amazon. You can find Fred online at his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, and 'like' him on Facebook.


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