Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines For Independent Hearts

Jake Walden photo JakeWalden_zps2ae9899c.jpg Matt Alber photo Matt_Alber_zps1bfbf74c.jpg
Bobby Jo Valentine photo BobbyJoValentine_zpsc80d44b1.jpg Billy Porter photo BillyPorter_zps52266813.jpg
Clockwise: Jake Walden; Matt Alber; Billy Porter, and Bobby Jo Valentine.

This morning, I brought you a collection of love songs that was heard on mainstream radio in the 1980s, so I thought for tonight, I would venture into the more independent music of some amazing LGBT artists I listen to all the time. And, as you can tell from the pictures above, they also happen to be very handsome, too. And they all deliver these songs like only they can, making it very special, indeed. I will begin with a song written by singer/songwriter Jake Walden for his sister's wedding. He wanted to capture the love of the event, as well as the love he felt for her, all into this song. It was later included on his most recent album, 'Same Something Different'. He also released a music video including images from the wedding. Enjoy as Jake sings "For You Anything".

The next song comes from an artist how continually manages to surpass my expectations. When I first heard Matt Alber's recording of "End of the World", I was blown away. When I first heard him live, I didn't think he could equal that, yet he did, perhaps even topped it. When I heard he rerecorded it, I was excited to hear what he could do with it. When I saw the video of Matt singing it live with the Cello Street Quartet, I was once again astonished. Hit play, and allow Matt Alber to take you away with "End of the World".

Bobby Jo Valentine is a more recent addition to my playlist, having only discovered his music last year. But that has not kept me from falling hard for his music, which has more charm than a Disney parade. His latest release, 'Home' wraps you up warmly in Bobby Jo's voice. With his recently released music video for "Come Back To Bed", there is a wonderful intimacy, both in the performance and the song.

I am a huge fan of Billy Porter, and the final entry is one of the reasons why. Porter is a gifted performer, both in the studio and on the stage. I think most people became familiar with the vocal talents of Porter when he sang "Love Is On the Way", featured in the 1996 film 'The First Wives Club'. It was also on his 1997 album, 'Untitled'. And there is a magnificent live version of the song on 'At The Corner of Broadway & Soul', a truly great album. Here is Billy singing the song live on Rosie O'Donnell's talk show about the time the single was playing on the radio.

You can purchase all these songs online. You can find Jake Walden's 'Same Something Different' on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. You can find Matt Alber's 'With Strings Attached' at his online store, and his latest album, 'Constant Crows', on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. You can purchase Bobby Jo Valentine's 'Home' on iTunes and Amazon. You can purchase Billy Porters 'At The Corner of Broadway and Soul' on iTunes and Amazon.


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