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Being Human - One Is Silver and the Other Pagan

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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Left to right: Sam Huntington; Meaghan Rath; and Sam Witwer

Last week, Josh and Nora were still trying to figure out Erin, the young werewolf returned to them by Mr. McLean, the twin-wolf-baby-daddy. But with a few thoughts from Aiden, Josh was progress. Sally had been dating funeral director Max, and decided to take the relationship to the next level. Sally's brother showed up, and once he saw her, she ran back to Donna Gilcrest to save him, and sold her soul. And Aiden had struck up a friendship with bubble-boy Kenny, taking some extra vials of blood for later snacks. But Kenny wants Aiden to make him a vampire, which causes Aiden to remember when he was brought over, by the sorely-missed Bishop. And, finally, just when it seemed like Erin was making an effort to fit in, she spiked Aiden's snacks with her own werewolf blood, causing his to get sick and bleed from the eyes on the orders of Liam McLean. Whew, that was a busy episode, wasn't it?

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This week begins as we see Aiden still on the floor, suffering and bleeding from the eyes and ears. We see Liam McLean driving to the house, but once he sees Josh about to go in, he keeps driving. As Josh turns to the steps, Aiden sees Erin with a stake, and figures out it was her who spiked his blood supply when she comes at him. using all his diminished energy, he kicks her into the wall, knocking her out. Josh comes in to find Erin unconscious on the floor, and Aiden bleeding on the floor, hardly able to move. Next we see Erin in the hospital, and Josh outside the room, looking in. Aiden joins him, and Josh wants to know what happened. He talks about the werewolf blood, which Josh is not understanding. Then he mentions the wooden stake Erin was pointing in his direction, and Josh is dumbfounded. He thought she liked Aiden more than him, so it doesn't make sense. Then Nora comes storming in, going for Aiden. I am amused the woman who killed her ex-boyfriend and Brynn McLean can accuse anyone of being a violence magnet. She then threatens Aiden, and I am again amused.

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Sally goes to a restaurant to see Bridget, who is convinced she is seeing a ghost. Well, that could have been right if she had been able to see Sally a few months before. Instead, Sally just wants to grab an appetizer and some wine. Back at the hospital, Nora is still brooding about Aiden, and is now taking it out on Josh. She wonders if he had to make a choice, would he choose her? Well, considering he killed Ray for her, and protected her often, I am growing tired of her whining. At a restaurant, Sally is chatting with Bridget, who is now a practicing Wiccan. She has many questions for Sally, who is increasingly uncomfortable with it all. When Bridget asks her to join her at the prayer meeting that night, Sally tries her best to get out of it.

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Back at the house, Nora's friend Kat stops, annoyed Nora has not returned her call. Aiden mentions she and Josh are at the hospital for Erin, Kat is embarrassed. She mentions trouble with her plumbing, and Aiden offers to lend a helping hand. As Josh stepped out of the hospital, he runs into Liam McLean, and the two exchange attitude and harsh words. Josh warns him he stands with Aiden, who is his family. And he will protect his family from him. Back inside the hospital, Emily and Josh are walking around, and she mentions she is not ready for a one-on-one with Nora, which bothers Josh. He wants the two important women in his life to get along. They keep walking and talking. Aiden is helping Kat at her apartment, and together they fix the plumbing. They flirt more, and even more after they talk of their interest in American history. They both get a bit embarrassed, and leave it alone. Aiden shows up to the hospital, and finds a redhead taking blood samples. He asks for credentials, and he learns her name is Blake, and another vampire. She has struck a deal with Kenneth, and he will give her blood until he is 18, when she will make him a vampire. They argue, for Aiden doesn't want that to happen for Kenny. But he struck a deal, and Aiden will just have to figure things out.

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After a break, we see Aiden go to see Kenny, only to find him weak, as Blake had just left. Aiden chases her down, and tells her to pace herself, or she will hurt Kenny. He will not let that happen. She tries to talk to him about him teaching her things. He isn't really interested. She talks about rebuilding the vampire community, and together, he and she could run Boston. He takes a moment to tell her he already ran Boston, and it wasn't that great. As he goes to the room to see Erin, he runs into Kat, and there is a bit more flirtation, until Nora sees them. She is polite until Kat leaves,and once again she threatens Aiden. Cut to Aiden checking up on Kenny, who is struggling a bit. Aiden asks him about Blake, and Kenny admits she scares him. A nurse and security guard stop Blake in the hallway, and tell her she needs to leave. Aiden suggested they check her credentials, and she gets tossed out. Back in Kenny's room, Aiden tells him he doesn't understand what he is asking for, becoming a vampire. That would make him a killer - Aiden knows he is a killer at his core, and must fight it every single day. But Kenny just wants to get out of the hospital, and live life. He doesn't want to do it with Blake, but he must do something. He pleads with Aiden to help him.

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Sally goes with Bridget to see the High Priestess, who plans to contact the ghosts of some select people. It seems to work, until Sally hears it isn't Joey that has shown up, but two other ghosts, who are there for the show. They start talking about the ladies there, and soon jump into Bridget. Sally is having none of it, and forces Roger out, and shreds him. When asking if anyone else wanted to take her on, the other ghosts scoots out. The High Priestess is confused by Sally's outburst. Back in the hospital, Blake has made her way through security, but is stopped by Aiden. He tells her to go away, for he is turning Kenny. She is angry, and mentions he wasn't interested in making more children. He said he wasn't, it was to protect Kenny from her. He sees her out. Back at Kat's house, there is a knock on the door. It is Aiden, there to ask Kat to ask out on a date. She agrees, and they are coy for a bit longer, and agree to go out for dinner. Back at the hospital, Nora gives Josh the cold shoulder, until he forces the conversation. He promises he will always choose her over Aiden. They hug.

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While they are waiting room, Liam goes to the hospital to see Erin. He tells her that her life and effort is not in vain, and then he puts a pillow over her face until she is dead. He slips back out of the room without being seen. Next we see Sally talking to Bridget, that she feels it is she who lead Bridget to the silly path she is following. Sally tries to explain to Bridget what went on, with the possession and all, but finally just gives Bridget her amulet, which keeps her safe from ghostly possession. She asks Bridget to wear it every day, and to step away from the Wiccan lifestyle, and to just life her life. Then she leaves her, and doesn't plan to see her again. Outside of the house, Liam comes up on Blake, like he has plans to kill her. She warns him that she knows a friend in the neighborhood, and he is a purebred killer. Liam lets her go. Nora and Josh go back to Erin's room, only to find her dead. Nora is a mess, as could be expected. Aiden is down the hallway, and just looks up, confused as to where there will lead. Back at the house, Sally brushes her hair, and notices big clumps are coming out. There is a spot the size of a half-dollar that is without hair, and Sally knows something is up.

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Ep 7 photo BHUS3_6_0002_zps0a58aae0.jpg SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Ep 7 photo BHUS3_6_0018_zps89344ff7.jpg

Wow, so much happened tonight! Will Nora try to kill Aiden to get misplaced vengeance for Erin's death? Will Josh stand with Nora, and abandon his 'brother'? Is Sally becoming a zombie? Is Liam McLean coming after Aiden, or is it really Josh he has set his sights on? Check out what is coming up next week!

Don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the second season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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