Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tom Goss • Can't Hold Us (Macklemore Cover)

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The last time I saw Tom Goss, he was full of great surprises. Not only did I get a sneak peak at his ye-to-be-released music video for "Make Believe", as well as his new fascination with an artist I hadn't know, Macklemore. Actually, Macklemore in collaboration with Ryan Lewis. He was crazy for the video of the song "One Love" featuring Mary Lambert. The song takes Hip-Hop in a very gay-friendly direction, as straight men talk openly and freely about the need to equality for all. He played me several videos, and it was great so see Tom's excitement about the music. So when I heard Tom was working on a new music video, I really wasn't that surprised to hear he was covering a song by Hip-Hop stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The first time I watched Tom cover the song "Can't Hold Us", I did giggle to myself, and wondered if I needed to start referring to him as Tommie G. But it wasn't long before I was just smiling cause it was so darned good.

One of the things that did surprise me is that Tom was doing a cover, something he doesn't usually do. That tells me how much he loves this music. I am wondering if I will be hearing him play this tomorrow night, when I see him playing with Eric Himan in Washington, DC. To learn more about Tom, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter, or like him on Facebook. You can also find his original music on iTunes and Amazon.

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