Friday, March 1, 2013

Chezdune • Here With Me (feat Angelo)

Chezdune Here With Me photo ChezduneHereWithMe585_zps9ed9ee30.jpg

I think listening to the golden voice of Angelo is a great way to start any day, like today. Here is a brand new single from Chezdune, "Here With Me". The song features vocals from the wonderfully talented Angelo, a voice I never tire of hearing. The collaboration is a great one, for I love this song. It puts me in mind of the great George Michael material from the late 1980s and early 1990s, with a timeless stamp. Maybe it is the synth-driven sound, or the sexy feel, but I can't get enough of this single. Give a listen and tell me what you think!

To get your own copy of "Here With Me", go to Chezdune's SoundCloud page HERE, and click on the 'DOWNLOAD' button. To learn more about Chezdune, you can visit his official website, 'follow' him on Twitter, or 'like' him on Facebook. To learn the latest news about Angelo, you can visit his official website, 'follow' him on Twitter, or 'like' him on Facebook. I am still loving Angelo's album 'Narcissus Drowned', which can be found on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. I liked that Angelo, has a good voice... However I have noticed something with ALL the lgbt singers, something that discourages me a lot to buy the CDS. They make albums with only 5, 6 original tracks e then fill with 4, 5 or even more remixes just to make the amount of tracks of an album. So Howard, I would like to ask if you ever noticed that, if you know why this happens, in general, your opinion about it.

    1. Well, Mike, my thoughts on it are pretty much the same as it was 30 years ago when I first noticed it happening, mostly with artists in the Dance/Pop vein. In 1985, Bronski Beat released "Hundreds & Thousands" - a few new songs plus remixes of songs featuring Jimmy Somerville, after he left the band. Some artists will release albums of remixes, while others will include remixes with new tracks. And this is all artists, not just LGBT artists. Certainly Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rock artists are encouraged to release 'live concert' albums, which are essentially the same songs with different arrangements. Mainstream artists release 'Greatest Hits' collections that will often be old hits with one or two new songs. One of the great things about the music marketplace today is you can preview and purchase individual tracks, or the entire album. I hope you support LGBT artists as you feel comfortable doing, whether it is purchasing the music you like, to attending live shows in your area. Without that support, many will no longer be able to make music, and even more LGBT voices will be silenced.



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