Monday, March 10, 2014

Remembering Andy Gibb

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On this day 26 years ago, the music world was stunned with the news that Andy Gibb was dead. The 30-year-old singer went to the hospital complaining of chest pain, and passed away as a result of myocarditis. It seems he spent much of his twenties battling his demons, most notably cocaine, and it had taken it's toll. Sadly, it was just eleven years before he was stepping out of the shadows of his famous brothers, Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb, better known as the Bee Gees. Handsome, young and talented, the young brother of one of the biggest groups of the time, as they managed to start topping the charts in the 1960s, and continue in the 70s. In fact, the Bee Gees had their greatest success in 1977 with the songs off the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack. That was the same time Andy was starting off his career in Pop music, with "I Just Want to Be Your Everything", his first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by his brother Barry, but it quickly became his. This is Andy Gibb with his 1977 hit, "I Just Want to Be Your Everything".

That was the lead single off his debut album 'Flowing Rivers'. And it was the only song in the 10-song collection that Andy didn't have a hand in writing. The album was quite the success, certified as Platinum in sales. The second single was a song And co-wrote with his brother, Barry. "(Love Is) Ticker Than Water" was his second song to go to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was a bit less bubble gum than the first, with a sexier sound. It also brought a Rock flavor, with a nice guitar solo. This is a video from an appearance on 'The Midnight Special' with a live performance of "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water".

The studio wasted no time, and had Gibb back in the studio. Just seven months after the release of his debut, 'Shadow Dancing' was release. The album was also certified Platinum, and went to #7 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The first single was the title cut, which truly was a family affair. It was written by Andy, as well as Barry, Maurice and Robin. The song had a sound and feel like much of the music of the brothers Gibb, with tight harmonies and a sexy beat. The song was his third consecutive #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, quite the accomplishment. This is the promotional video for "Shadow Dancing".

While he continued making hit songs, there were no more #1s in the cards for Andy. It was thought he started his relationship with Cocaine, and it continued for several years. His drug problem presented a problem when he was touring with a production of 'Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', and lead to his dismissal. He hosted the television program 'Solid Gold' for two years, but his demons interfered there as well. His relationship with Victoria Principal was also a casualty, after she gave him an ultimatum, the drugs or her. After a supposedly successful stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, Andy returned to work, and was said to be a new man, showing up, and remaining professional. After doing some shows to get his skills back, Andy began working with Brothers Barry and Maurice on new music. A couple of the demo tracks were leaked to industry insiders, and Island Records was looking to sign his up, ready to release new music. But just days after celebrating his thirtieth birthday, Andy was gone. All these songs and more can be found on the album 'Andy Gibb: Greatest Hits'. The album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

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