Friday, March 28, 2014

Date Night • Oranges

Oranges (2004) photo Oranges003_zps6f4f13b0.jpg
Oranges (2004) photo Oranges002_zps64cbcacd.jpg Oranges (2004) photo Oranges001_zps0ec4f70b.jpg

'Oranges' is an Australian short written and directed by Kristian Pithie. After hitting a parked car while riding his bicycle, Martin Sharpe wakes up in the room of another kid from his high school, Thomas Blackburne. The two boys talk about girlfriends and kissing, before taking a break on a playground. Both boys learn more than they thought they would, and proved to be more adventurous than they thought capable. This is 'Oranges'.

But what would happen when they went back to school? And what will they think of whenever they taste oranges? Enjoy your weekend!

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