Friday, March 14, 2014

Date Night • Bugcrush

Bugcrush (2006) photo bugcrush-movie-poster_zps1ca5a6b2.jpg
Bugcrush (2006) photo Bugcrush001_zps2dfb2c29.jpg Bugcrush (2006) photo Bugcrush003_zps0006c635.jpg

'Bugcrush' is a 2006 short film that touched me on so many levels. It was written by Scott Treleaven and Carter Smith, and directed by Smith. The dark and brooding film takes a look at boys in their teenage years, with the social pressures, relationships, the search for themselves, and how easily one can be distracted on the journey is all apparent. the film stars Josh Caras and Donald Cumming as Ben and Grant, two teens whose path will cross in unexpected ways. This is 'Bugcrush'.

I must admit, I thought Josh Caras was quite handsome and talented, and was glad to see on IMDB he had gotten plenty of work since this film. Have a great weekend!

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