Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tom Goss, Matt Alber & Avi Wisnia • Live

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Top: Tom Goss on piano, and Matt Alber on guitar. Bottom: Avi Wisnia plays the kazoo.

I am excited to talk about recent shows featuring Tom Goss, Matt Alber, and Avi Wisnia, three incredible out and proud artists I caught at two different dates. In fact, the shows were in different states, with Tom and Matt playing in Washington, DC, and Avi playing in Wilmington, DE. I will being with the show that was one I knew I couldn't miss, not this time. The last time Matt come through to play a show with Tom, we were hit with snowmageddon, and Delaware was put under a state of emergency, closing all roads, allowing only essential vehicles. So when I heard about this show, and it was happening in August, I knew snow wasn't in the cards. When I saw the forecast of rain, I knew it was not something that could stop me. So my sister Kathy and I got in the car and headed out, not letting a little drizzle slow us down. When we got to the Atlas Theater, it was a beautiful space, a proscenium theater with comfortable seating and a great lobby. There was a grand piano on the stage that was just stunning. And the sound was magnificent. Tom Goss opened up the show, splitting his time between the acoustic guitar and the piano. He most certainly played some favorites, as well as songs off his latest albums. Check out the highlights of his performance.

This was the first time I saw Matt Alber, something that I have been wanting to do for some time. I first discovered Alber's music in 2005, and the purity of his voice, and the quality of his tone has kept my attention all these years. His 2008 debut, Hide Nothing, was incredible, featuring the single "End of the World". Of course, there was also that video for the single, lush and stunning. The end of last year, there was the new album, Constant Crows. There is an intimate feeling on the new release, mining truth with a sweet acoustic soundtrack and a beautiful voice. Alber performed songs off both albums, much to the delight of the audience. Here are the highlights of Matt's set.

The next Saturday night, Kathy and I were back in the car, this time driving to the World Cafe at the Queen in Wilmington. About 10 months before, we caught Avi Wisnia at the same venue, and were thrilled he was back. The place was packed and bustling, with people eating and enjoy the music. Aaron Nathans opened the show, and was soon followed by Avi Wisnia. He played the piano, save when he broke out the kazoo for "Rabbit Hole", which the audience loved! Check out the highlights of Avi's set from August 25, and enjoy.

I will bring you more complete coverage of the shows soon. If you like what you hear, feel free to visit the guys on the web. Click on their name for the official site for Tom Goss, Matt Alber and Avi Wisnia.


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