Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Night Jam

Christopher Dallman Casey Stratton
Daniel Cartier Chris Garneau
Clockwise: Christopher Dallman; Casey Stratton; Chris Garneau; and Daniel Cartier.

While I generally tend to post particular themes, tonight I thought I would be a bit loose with that, and more just posting a couple of songs from singer/songwriters I love, and who I haven't had the opportunity to feature here lately. All four I proudly play on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. They all have a pensive, ethereal quality that really intrigues me. They are also indie musicians, with not a great deal of money to invest in music videos, so there might not be tons of special effects, but the music and talent are more than special enough. I will also add they are all very handsome, something that didn't ever escape me. I will begin with a video by Casey Stratton. The Michigan-based Stratton has a wonderful catalog of music, written from the time he was a student at Interlochen Arts Academy, through his period with Sony Music, to now when he is making the music he loves. This is a video he made for the song "The Dead Sea", written for the 2002 collection The Winter Children, and later featured on the Sony album Standing At The Sea.

For more about Casey Stratton, visit his official website. You can also find his music on iTunes and Amazon. The next singer/songwriter is another favorite of mine. Christopher Dallman has been a regular on my playlist since I purchased his 2004 debut, Race The Light. The is such a personal feeling to his songs, like we are reading his diaries. Dallman took a bit of a break after the album, but has been making some great music once again. Here is the video for "Over My Head", which was featured on the debut.

For more about Christopher Dallman, visit his official website. You can also find his music on iTunes and Amazon. I am not sure exactly when I stumble across the music of our next singer/songwriter. I can tell you that I am damn grateful I did. I think it was about the time of his wonderful 2004 album, Revival. It was before his magnificent You And Me Are We, released in 2006. But I have been hook since on his music, which feels like he is reaching down deep and baring his soul with every track. You can tell with a look at his video for "Diving Too Deep", off the album Redemption.

For more about Daniel Cartier, visit his official website. You can also find his music in his online store at the website, or Amazon. The final member of this group is one I think I have somehow managed to not include on this blog yet, as crazy as that sounds. I first encountered his music with the album Music For Tourists. I can best describe Garneau's music as quirky, folksy, and enchanting. I also love his 2009 album El Radio. Tonight I bring to you "Relief", a song off Music For Tourists which has a confessional feel, with truth coming straight from the heart.

For more about Chris Garneau, visit his official website. You can also find his music on iTunes and Amazon.

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