Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jake Walden • The Line

Jake Walden

Just thought as I have not featured Jake Walden on the blog lately, it was about time I did. And while I am hoping to relax and get my back better, I would post one of my favorite songs by the handsome and talented singer/songwriter. "The Line" can be found on Jake's debut album, Alive And Screaming. Released in 2008, the album effortlessly combines storytelling and music, as Jake's brusk voice slides up and down his range with ease. This is a wonderful live performance that also includes Tom Goss on guitar.

Just a little over a year ago, Jake released another disc of love, Same Something Different. While few thought it possible, the new release was even stronger than the first, seeming more personal, confessional. While Jake's voice hadn't changed, the vocals were even more nuanced, caressing your heart with a softer touch. Take, for example, the beautiful "Almost Brave", one of the many favorites available on the album.

For more about my buddy Jake, visit his official website. You can find Alive And Screaming on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. You can also find Jake's latest, Same Something Different, on iTunes CD Baby, and Amazon.


  1. I am so incredibly honored. Sending you my love.

    1. Thanks, Jake. Looking forward to getting a chance to see you again at some point...



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