Wednesday, September 26, 2012

K Anderson • The Overthinker

K Anderson The Overthinker album cover

Don't be fooled by the picture above, for it proves that like some other things, plenty of yummy items can come in brown paper wrapping. And I learned that only recently, when I happened across a new talent who blows me away. And, oddly enough, I discovered it two years almost to the date of the release, showing I am not nearly as on top of things as I was hoping I was. But enough about me and my shortcomings. What I had managed to do was to happen across the music of this London-based singer/songwriter, and it was most certainly my lucky day. I was so infatuated by the album, The Overthinker, I went right back to the store to purchase his equally delightful EP, Foxes. And I learned of K. Anderson's preoccupation with the animal, which includes wearing a furry costume. In which he looked pretty damn good, I might add...

K Anderson

The first cut off The Overthinker is "This Changes Everything", a bluesy rocker that had me drooling ever more than the pictures of the sexy Brit. His throaty growl was perfectly showcased, showing K can bring it on with a soft touch, or turn up the volume and apply for the role as my next ex-boyfriend. Or any other position he would agree to...

The album has a certain charm, filled with a delightful mix of honesty, humor, plenty of rock. I was particularly fond of "Bulletproof Kids", "Shrug", "Foxes" and the delicious "Boys In Pearls". Really, I can't recommend this album any higher. If you would like to learn more about K Anderson, visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter and 'like' him on Facebook. You can purchase The Overthinker on iTunes and Amazon. And while I so very excited about this new addition to my collection, I was even more excited when I heard from the artist himself, telling me new music would be coming soon. It is in moments like this when I think there just might be a God, and he has great taste in music. And men...


  1. ah, yes, I got to interview him for my August 2010 OutRadio show, am SO ready for the next CD..:)

    1. Lucky you! I love his music, and was near giddy when he wrote me to say new music was coming!



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