Sunday, September 9, 2012

Matt Alber • Live at the Atlas

Matt Alber Matt Alber
Matt Alber on stage in Washington, DC.

It might have been drizzling on the way to Washington, DC, but once I was sitting in my seat at the Atlas Theater, the clouds were gone and life was good. No, it was great. You see, two years ago, when Tom Goss and Matt Alber scheduled a show in DC, I eagerly scooped up a ticket, and eagerly awaited the show. Until the snows came, and the highways were shut down, and I couldn't attend. Perhaps that it why a bit of rain did not daunt me on August 19th. The show started with a set by Tom Goss, which I will talk about in a later post. After an intermission, it was Matt Alber's turn to take the stage, you could feel the anticipation in the air. He played many songs from the new album, Constant Crows, including the beautiful "Velvet Goldmine".

In case that video wasn't proof enough, Alber was in great voice for the show. He was sweet and tender when needed, and soaring and grand when called on. Matt's vocals have such amazing quality and depth, I just wanted to curl up and listen, wrapped in his voice. You can hear all the qualities in the song "Tightrope", also off the Constant Crows album.

When I listen to that, I think "Tightrope" could be my favorite off the album. Until I hear the next song. They are all that good. However, I don't think the evening would have been compete without a couple of songs off his 2008 album, Hide and Seek. And more specifically, the great song and video from that album, "End Of The World". When I mentioned his voice could soar, it was on songs like this that makes it so very true. I have to tell you, listening live, I got goosebumps three times while he was singing this song alone. So please enjoy Matt as he sings "End of the World".

Finally, I thought I would include Matt's latest single, one he released to raise money for charity. The song was also a tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston, whose voice was such an inspiration to so many artists. And when he began his simple and restrained acoustic version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". As he started playing hints of the tune on his guitar, he offered a look into his life, making it that much more special when he sang his favorite Whitney song.

For more about Matt Alber, visit his official website. While you are there, you can join his mailing list, to be kept up to date on the latest from Alber, including live shows. If you can make it, go. Don't wonder about it, just get you ticket and be glad. You can also "like" him on Facebook. You can purchase Constant Crows on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. You can also purchase the single "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. The money goes to the Larkin Street Youth Services. For more about Larkin Street, visit their official website.

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