Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards Accepting Submissions

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It’s time again to honor musical artists from the LGBTI community worldwide. The 2012 RightOutTV Music and Video Awards is accepting submissions for songs and videos to be evaluated by a prestigious panel of entertainment industry judges.

This year, openly queer singer/songwriters from around the globe may submit songs as well as music videos in a variety of Indie-friendly categories such as “Best Video DIY” for the more homegrown project, and “Best Song So Far” for those masterpieces written years ago that still deserve recognition. There’s even a “Best Living Room Performance” category to fit the growing trend of artists not wanting to wait for the funding to produce and release big-budget videos.

“Our goal this year is to give more artists at every level a chance to compete and get noticed,” says Marlee Walchuk, co-producer of the awards. “It’s the artists’ talent and creativity that are being judged, not just the quality of their productions and recordings.”

Nathalie Callender, the other half of the RightOutTV Awards production team, says, “We’re so excited to have many of last year’s judges returning, like Grammy Award-winning producer Clif Magness, as well as welcoming newcomers like producer/guitarist, David Sinclair, who toured with Sarah McLaughlin and k.d. lang, Jack E. Jett from the hit show Queer Edge, and Elizabeth Ziff from BETTY and The L-Word fame.”

Winners of the 2011 RightOutTV Music Awards received an extraordinary amount of press and 13 stunning statues were shipped to Australia, Israel, Vienna, the UK and the United States. This year, Walchuk and Callender hope to reach even further to find deserving Out talent.

The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards can be found online at the official website. To learn more about the Panel of Judges, visit the official list of judges. The deadline for submissions is Sept 24, 2012 and nominees will be announced Oct 11, 2012. The popular “Fan Fave” voting also begins Oct. 11.

The RightOutTV Music and Video Awards is an offshoot of the free LGBTI artist promotional site at Walchuk and Callender of the music duo Sugarbeach launched RightOutTV in November 2010 after realizing there were few places to release their own queer-messaged music videos. The women – married to each other – also saw a need for more unity in the global LGBTI music community. RightOutTV was created as a vehicle to serve both these purposes and to provide a fully developed promotional website and streaming channel for artists who deserve more credit for being Out and proud with their music.

Should you have any questions, you can find the contact information for Marlee Walchuk here.

RightOut TV Judges

On a more personal side, I have been honored to join the judging panel for the awards this year. I look forward to seeing and hearing some of the best from the LGBT community and have the opportunity to be exposed to talent I might have otherwise miss. If you have songs or videos, I hope to be seeing them soon!


  1. Big Congrats on being a judge...:)

    1. Thank you, my friend. I am honored to join you as a judge!



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