Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SIRPAUL™ Releases "Glow" Remixes

SIRPAUL™ is ready to release the second single off the album, The Horse. At first glance with the cover above, you might be taken in by the angelic face of the sexy singer, but when you take another look at those muscled arms, you know there are more than prayers going on here. "Glow" begins with an ethereal look at love, but is soon taking the express lane with a driving beat and SIRPAUL's patented vocals, riding the beat, controlling the ride with the firm legs and soft hands of a seasoned equestrian. Give a listen to the single version of "Glow".

SIRPAUL has been making great music for years, he seems to be riding a high since releasing the wonderful Music & Me. You can purchase "Glow" and the accompanying five mixes on iTunes. From driving dance mixes to alternative radio edits, there is much to enjoy with that purchase. If you don't yet own The Horse, maybe it is time to settle into the saddle and see how it feels. You might want to give a test ride with the first single off the album, "Body Connection", featuring New York-based rapper Loco Ninja.

You can find The Horse on iTunes and Amazon. For more about SIRPAUL, visit his official website.

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