Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Helen Kane • I'd Go Barefoot All Winter Long

Helen Kane

To celebrate the change of seasons, I was looking for a song that might give a nod to the fact that summer is gone, and autumn is upon us. Well, as I went through my iTunes, I came upon a delightful song that might not focus on the current season, it does play with the seasons in the most delightful way. "I'd Go Barefoot All Winter Long (If You'd Fall For Me In Spring)" is sung by the wonderful Helen Kane, whose voice became synonymous with Betty Boop, the eternal flapper. In fact, many think the character of Betty Boop was based on Kane, with her sultry appearance coupled to the little girl voice.  The song was written by Billy Moll and Joe Keden, and just perfect for her audience and the time. You see, it was recorded in 1930, in the thick of the Great Depression, and before Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President in 1932. The Stock Market had crashed, leaving many on the breadlines. Kane was there to entertain, to lift spirits, which she did so very well. And this is "I'd Go Barefoot All Winter Long (If You'd Fall For Me In The Spring)".

Hope you enjoyed it!

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