Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tour News - Aiden James Fall 2009

aiden james,hrs

The adorable and talented Aiden James has announced some dates for a tour, and on some of the California dates, he will be playing with the gifted Christopher Dallman. I have talked about both these artists on this blog, and since I know some of you live in CA, I have to say you would be nuts not to catch them. I, of course, been pestering both to play a show near me. I've seen Aiden several times live, including a recent show in Philadelphia, and he is fantastic. In that performance, he showcased several new songs I loved, including Gonna Hurt More, recently posted on YouTube.

The following is a screencap of the schedule thus far. There are a couple of shows in San Francisco, and I believe Christopher Dallman is opening for Aiden. I have yet to see Christopher live, but I hope to very soon. With the release of new material, including the gorgeous Subterranian I posted about here, and the video for Anthem I posted about here, I am keeping my fingers crossed a tour is in the offing.

aiden james Christopher Dallman

You can find more about Aiden James if you click here, and more about Christopher Dallman by clicking here.

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