Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Journey

Because I love Glee so much, I thought about revisiting a song that has become synonymous with the show, Journey's Don't Stop Believing. The song was released in 1981, and highlighted the amazing voice of lead singer Steve Perry.

They had a earlier hit with Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'. It was another that showcased the vocals of Perry, who did have an amazing voice, even if he had a sketchy view of fashion. I mean, just look at the following video? Perry is a Str8 man, yet he is wearing this?

Journey is back on the road, although not with Steve Perry. He and the band parted ways in 1998. There is talk Perry is now working on a solo project.


  1. I watched most of Glee. It was really cute, very well done and the lead guy is so hot. I might be watching it each week. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I loved/love Journey, mostly because of Perry's vocals, and that lovely long hair. But I also had a wee crush on Neal Schon, who is very hot.

  3. I TiVo-ed Glee to watch it tonight, and love Journey

  4. Journey - I had ticks to see them a few years ago and then they canx the show. Ah well....
    Who's Crying Now and Open Arms are also great tracks which makes you really feel what Steve Perry is singing. He has an amazing and really signature voice in rock.



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