Thursday, September 17, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Big Country

I was massively in love with the music of Big Country in the 80s. Yet another of my bands that found their way from Scotland, their music was layered and dense, just the way I liked it. Some of the wearly songs also included Scottish rhythms as well as bagpipes. Big Country was made up of Stuart Adamson, Bruce Watson, Mark Brzezicki and Tony Butler, as well as several different drummers.

Lead singer Stuart Adamson had long-struggled with alcoholism as well as other issues, and would often go missing for lengths of time. He was found dead in a hotel room in 2001 from an apparent suicide. The band has gone on, still touring and putting out albums.

You can find out more about Big Country at their official website here, or their MySpace page here.


  1. "I was massively in love with the music of Big Country in the 80s."

    Me too. I loved these guys.

  2. I wore my Big Country album OUT in high school. I loved their music.

    But I had no idea that the lead singer had died. So sad.


  3. I had that album! Remember the video, with the ATVs? LOL Very sad about the lead singer.

  4. I love Big Country...Sad about his death though.

  5. I have their first two albums, and I think they were nominated for a Grammy for best new artist. This band had a message and a unique sound that brought their home sound of the bagpipes to mainstream pop. Loved them and "In A Big Country" wow - this song had some amazing drumming! And it's still heard as a staple classic on many rock radio stations!



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