Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News - Casey on iTunes,new friends, etc

Casey Stratton Casey Stratton

Just time for an update, it has been a bit. Casey Stratton's new release, Memories and Photographs, is now available on iTunes. I purchased it when it became available in Casey's store, and have listened to it several times, really liking in muchly! You can get it from iTunes by clicking here.

Welcome Michael, the latest person to follow here at Soundtrack to my Day. I appreciate your support!


It is official, summer is gone, and autumn is here. Frankly, I like fall the best, and am kinda happy to see summer fade. I love seeing the colors of fall transform the view out my window, from a sea of green to the shades of all, the reds, orange and browns.

Also, I might as well announce it now, in case the faint of heart want to start packing now. Once the American Idol season starts up, I will be guest-blogging for my friend Rickey, the blogger with Rickey. Org, the site EW named the number one American Idol fansite the the second year running. I will have my impression of the performance and results shows within 30 minutes of their conclusion, and I will post them here and at Rickey's. I had written them for Rickey last season, and he recently asked me back for another season.

Also, have the latest CDs from Collective Soul and Mika, and hope to post some thoughts on them soon. Been a busy time, so still working on listening to both, coming up with my thoughts. Not as easy as it used to be...


  1. Congrats on the Rickey gig - I know how much you love Idol.


  2. David, thanks. Working with Rickey is great fun.



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