Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Video - Ari Gold - I Can Forgive You

Ari Gold just released a new music video, I Can Forgive You, a gorgeous R & B ballad from his Transport Systems CD. The new video is directed by Christopher Ciccone, who seems to be stepping out of the shadow of his sister, 'Madge' Ciccone [AKA Madonna], with this job, having reviously directed videos for Tony Bennett and Dolly Parton, directing sections of Madonna's concert tours, assisting a few seasons ago on Top Chef with the design of the restaurant challenge, and writing a book, Life With My Sister Madonna. OK, maybe not so much getting away, as still clinging desperately, but thankfully, this is about Ari anyway.

So, the ever-gorgeous Ari Gold has had four consecutive videos reach number 1 on the LOGO countdown, and I certainly believe this will be the fifth. The song is fnatastic, written and sung from the soul by Ari. The video has interesting visual textures and layers, yet also simply supports the song well.

For more at Ari Gold, visit his official homepage by clicking here.



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