Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worth Another Listen - The Guess Who

The Guess Who are a Canadian group perhaps best known for their song American Woman. Through the years, the roster of the bands changed often and quickly, but the particular section that interests me is the late 60s and late 70s. It was at that time Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman were leading the charge, writing together and Burton's voice so crystal clear and Bachman's guitar work so strong and driving.

I am the 5th out of 6 kids, so while I might be a bit young, I was listening to my sister's music, so feel some of that music was also mine. And The Guess Who are one of them. I listened to them in my preteen years, and still have a fondness. Burton Cummings went on to a solo career, his big hit being Stand Tall. Randy Bachman went on to form the Bachamn-Turner Overdrive or BTO, and had the hits You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet and Takin' Care of Business, both staples of rock radio.

Both have returned from time to time to the band, but never for a long haul. The Guess Who is still touring today, although without Bachman and Cummings.


  1. The guess who - yeah baby! These eyes is a great song and of course as you mentioned - American Woman, which is a great song to play while you give your bf a lap dance ummmmmm!



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