Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Sadness - RIP Telling On Trixie

Much to my chagrin, I read a Tweet Wednesday afternoon that really cemented this day as a really sucky one. It started by having to be a part of an insurance audit, presenting the books and payroll for the last 12 months. It lasted longer than it should have, but eventually ended as well as it could. And Mary Travers, one of the amazing trio Peter, Paul & Mary, passed away. Leaving On A Jet Plane, Puff The Magic Dragon, and If I Had A Hammer have been running through my mind all day. And I got that Tweet.

Telling On Trixie
Telling On Trixie

I will be honest. At first I was confused, then pissed. And I felt a little welling in my eyes. I really love Telling On Trixie, and thought they really rocked it. I love lead singer Derek Nicoletto, an out gay singer for a rock band. See, we aren't all about the divas or the club music, some of us just wanna rock. Out musicians like Derek, Robert Urban, The Cliks, they were the gifts, the people that tell me I don't have to be in the closet in with my rock-love, or think that culture of macho bravado should keep me away. Eric Himan joining Angel and Jimmy Adams and plugging in the guitar and rocking excites me about seeing Eric & The Adams. I had yet to see Telling On Trixie live, and was looking forward to it.

The funny thing is I couldn't write this post too soon. I needed the time to let it settle in. And a second notice was found from Derek on FaceBook, trying to put a better spin on the news. So now I understand better, but I am still upset.

Telling On Trixie
Telling On Trixie

I should try to get to bed early to put this day behind me, but instead, I am up late typing on this blog. But I will publicly state here I will follow whatever Derek has coming up next. I think he is a talented man, working on the career while having a great life outside of it, with a handsome hubby and adorable child. And a sad but loyal fan from Delaware.


  1. SteveA, yes, it is. I love both the Telling On Trixie CDs, and look forward to what they will do separately in the future.



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