Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Music - Mikey Wax - Change Again

Mikey Wax is another artist I manage to run into on my time on the internet - indeed, I bet I spend too much time here. So I check out his music, and turns out I like it very much. Mikey is an independent singer/songwriter, and released his first CD Change Again to some great reviews. The Long Island-based Wax has been touring all over the country, gaining fans with each and every stop. One reason is the great songs, like his first video release, In Case I Go Again. Sure, he might be a Str8 boy, but I do believe they need love too. Especially if they are cute!

I downloaded the CD at CD Baby, and the 13-song effort charmed me on the first listen. Change Again opened up with Slow Motion, a mid-tempo song piano-driven song with just amazing lyrics. The song is about the end of relationship and letting go, and include these lines: "In a moment she will say these words, I can hear them just before she talks, By the way we stare I know it's going to hurt, And before she can explain, We share the pain." Wow.

That is followed by In Case I Go Again, the video above. I really love that song. Hourglass (Time Will Find A Way) is an excellent up-tempo song, and Change Your Mind is just sweet as a soft ballad. Actually, I really like all the songs, and find he really has a great way with his lyrics. And those lyrics are perfect for his emotive voice.

The music of Mikey Wax is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. He also has several concert videos on YouTube found here.You can find more information about Mikey on his website, found here. On his website, I found a couple of free downloads, one of which is an incredible cover of La Vie En Rose, the Edith Piaf song. I find it breathtaking, so will end with the video.


  1. Loving his "La Vie En Rose".
    Thanks for the heads up about him.

  2. Bob, I agree. I swear I got a bit giddy the first time I heard it.



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