Friday, September 18, 2009

Live Music - Tom Goss at Delaware Pride

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I am going to see Tom Goss play at the Delaware Pride Festival tomorrow, and am pretty excited. Although I have seen Tom play several times, this is the first time it will be in my state! I have traveled to Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC, just to catch him play. He will be playing at 1:45PM at Cape Henlopen State Park (a.k.a. Gordons Pond/North Shores) in Rehoboth Beach. The Festival runs from noon until 6PM. I will most certainly be bringing my camera.

Tom [jokingly] offered to let me come up with his setlist, since I have been excited about this show for over a month and annoying him about it. I told him the organizers might have to clear the afternoon schedule if I were to get the chance to hear him play all my favorites. There is Rise, Morning Sun, Come Around, A Thousand Times Before, Legacy of You, O Love, Down The Mountainside, Back To Love, Till The End, and what started the joking on Twitter, a killer cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, Crazy. Well, you get the idea. I am a fan.

The above is a video I had made with some pictures I had taken at some previous shows, with another favorite song, King of Something Right, playing. You can find out more about Tom by clicking here, and more about Delaware Pride here. In fact, if you go to Tom's site, you can score some free downloads.

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