Sunday, September 6, 2009

Great Sports - US Open Tennis

Now, I love watching tennis as a competitive sport. I think it can be a thing of beauty. For me, watching Roger Federer play is just entrancing, he moves with such beauty and grace around the court. That said, there are some extremely hot players out there. Here is at least part of the reason I am watching the US Open this week.

Eye Candy
They are, from the top: Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Carlos Moya, Andy Roddick, Nicolas Kiefer, Olivier Rochus, Jesse Whitten, Marat Safin, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Andre Agassi was there this year for the opening ceremonies, and joined John & Patrick McEnroe in the booth to chat. He was a gorgeous young man, but got a little odd later in his career when he started shaving himself allover. When I was younger, I had such a thing for Bjorn Borg. There were the annoying Americans - Jimmy Connors & John McEnroe who were all cocky and strutting - but Bjorn moved with grace and power, and was magnificent. He was recently at both Wimbledon and the French Open, and damn if Bjorn didn't look just as good - if not hotter - than ever.

us open us open


  1. Give me vintage - Agassi anytime!

  2. Me, too, about Bjorn Borg! I loved him! It was a sad day when he quit playing, and he looks even better now!

  3. I loved Bjorn Borg when I was a kid. And you're right - he does still look excellent.


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