Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pied Piper I Ain't & Other News

Corve, left, and Larry, right.

But somehow or another, I still manage to have people follow me. Or at least the blog. Since my last update, two more people have joined my soundtrack, and I continue to be grateful. There is Corve, a gorgeous 22-year-old who loves to read, write and listen to music, and is an aspiring model. You can check out his blog here. And there is also Larry_Ohio, who runs the blog Patently Queer. The blog has moved and has a great new layout, and you can check it out here. Welcome to the blog, and thanks for following it.

Speaking of the blog, this will be post #201, somewhat of a milestone. I wasn't sure I would be making it past the first week, so go figure! And by the time this posts, the blog will have made it past 9,200 hits, so thanks to all the visitors who have found my little corner of the 'net, and special thanks for those who have taken the time to post their thoughts. It is greatly appreciated.

In other news, Eric & The Adams have announced they will have a CD coming out by the end of the year, and are raising funds to make sure it happens. It is more than a donation, it is an investment paying returns. With each donation of $20 or more, you will get an autographed copy of the CD and be entered for a chance to win an iPod Touch! To offer your support, click here. You can also click on the 'Merch' tab at the top, and buy CDs [I have them all and can vouch for their greatness] or some fun t-shirts.

Speaking of Eric, he just completed his month of 'Free Cover Mondays' with 6 great cover songs. This batch included Use Somebody/Pokerface [Kings of Leon/Lady Gaga], Hometown Glory [Adele], I Believe [Blessid Union of Souls], Fast Car [Tracy Chapman], Bad Things [theme from True Blood by Jace Everett] and Somewhere Over The Rainbow [Judy Garland]. He managed to put his own particular twist on each song and I do love his style. The above video is a cover of Matt Nathanson's Come On Get Higher. I am still swooning every time I hear his cover of the Hoagy Carmichael classic Nearness of You. All you have to do is join the mailing list. And I bet if you ask him nicely, he might even share the link to the files. He's nice like that.

Speaking of new releases, Casey Stratton has a new one out called Memories & Photographs. I bought it and downloaded, so I hope to tell you how much I love it shortly. It's already on my iPod, primed to be played tomorrow!

And Tom Goss will be playing at Delaware Pride on September 19th. I am really looking forward to hearing him sing live, and will be hope to see blogger Mark In DE, who writes the Tales of a Sissy blog. To find out more about the Delaware Pride festival, click here.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog because I'm not "up" on music. I can't tell you the name of a song or who sings it and I'm lucky if I can catch a few lyrics. So I appreciate your insight into the music world. And you have this uncanny ability to showcase really hot musicians. Keep up the great work Howard! Behr Hugs

  2. Yeah. Thanks. I looove your blog.

  3. Congrats Howard - you deserve it - Your blog is great and I really appreciate the music you put on - for me - it brings back memories and great times with great friends and especially my sister - love the music - love the blog -

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Look at you...."Mr. Blogger"...who ought me all the way..."I don't ahve anything to blog about". HA! people love you Howard, and for good reason.

    I love ya Babe.



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