Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great TV - GLEE - Rhodes Not Taken promo

Pictures posted on FaceBook by the GLEE Team.

Kristin Chenoweth guest stars tomorrow night on GLEE, joining the glee club. I am so excited, I can't say! Kristin sings Maybe This Time from Cabaret. And she is gorgeous! The LA Times had this backstage video. Enjoy.


GLEE is on your Fox station, Wednesday evening 9PM/8PM Central.


  1. I've yet to see this show...but I DID see the clip where the football team danced to "Single Ladies" and never laughed so hard in my life! that will go down in history and I would love to see my kid get HIS team to do that!!!

    love ya Babe!!

  2. I was so happy she won the Emmy for "Pushing Daisies." She's delightful.

  3. Beth, you gotta watch it. It is the best! And love you too, tranny!

    Behr, I was delighted she won. And so damn charming with her speech.

    Joy, you can't help but love her.

    Wonder Man, I am already excited.



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