Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preview - Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars

As I have exposed my geekiness for one and all to see, how could it hurt to say I am excited about the next episode of Doctor Who coming in November? Would it be ultimately too much to say I have all the episodes of Doctor Who on my external drive? Yes, I need to stop before I truly embarrass myself.

Old vs New: Top: David Tennant, right, and Matt Smith, left; 2nd row: David Tennant; 3rd row, Matt Smith.

That being said, The Waters of Mars is the latest episode, and it is coming up in November. It is one of the last episodes featuring David Tennant as The Doctor, who the irrepressible John Barrowman refers to as David Ten-Inch, before he regenerates as Matt Smith.

To get more information about Doctor Who on BBC America, click here.

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