Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Television - Glee

I might be the geekiest gay boy evah, but I am truly excited about the first episode of Glee tonight! Honestly, I am practically giggling like a teenage girl here. The premiere episode was sooooo long ago, and I loved it, but making me wait this long was almost criminal! However, to recap that first episode, watch this.

So tonight, at 9PM, we all know I will be glued to the TV, even foregoing my addiction to US Open tennis on ESPN2, to watch this show. Here is a promo for tonight's episode - don't let the next Wednesday night thing confuse you, the promo was aired last week.

Keep in mind I have a bit of a crush on teacher Will, played by Broadway veteran Matthew Morrison. He was in the recent revival of South Pacific, looking stunning.

Yes, I am a bit giddy!


  1. Tell me what's not to love about the adorably cute and furry Matthew Morrison! I, too, am looking forward to tonight's episode (locally here they reran the pilot last weekend). I'm a Gleek!

  2. This looks like the gayest TV show ever. Sign me up!

  3. It is times like this, that make this little gay boy wish he still had TV. Have fun everyone!

  4. you are a giddy geeky Gay boy!!!!

    Love you geeky!


  5. Don't Stop Believing - great performance on Glee. I was at a gay video bar/club in Boston and they played this - crowd went wild.

  6. Howard- You are a geek! But, a geek with great taste in men.



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