Saturday, February 22, 2014

Van Morrison • Days Like This

Days Like This - Van Morrison photo VanMorrisonDaysLikeThis_zps0b995151.jpg
Days Like This - Van Morrison photo DaysLikeThisBK002_zpsae2f00c2.jpg Days Like This - Van Morrison photo DaysLikeThisBK001_zps3ee68e0f.jpg

Once I decided to go with the great Irish singer/songwriter Van Morrison, this whole thing took an interesting turn. I started off by thinking I would be posting a song I love, "These Are The Days", but as I was looking for that on YouTube, I came across "Days Like This", and I immediately knew I would have to go with it. Plus, as I watched the video, I thought to myself the backup singer, well, he's really hot. By the second time he was on screen, I was thinking I recognized him, but had no idea from where. This sent me to Wikipedia, where I discovered the hot guy was Irish singer Brian Kennedy, whose music I just discovered in the last week, and I had been listening to a collection of his hits, 'The RCA Years'. Well, it seems as though he started out as a background singer with Van Morrison, and I had his voice in my collection for a very long time. And that is because I really do love Van Morrison, and he's been part of my musical collection since I was in high school. Morrison's music was so interesting to me for not only did I love it, but I was also able to witness it evolve, for it really never sounded the same. This is Van Morrison singing "Days Like This", the title track off his 1995 album.

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