Friday, February 14, 2014

Date Night • Shrine

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Okay, so when I saw this movie described as the story of a witch, her husband, and his gay lover, I knew I couldn't resist watching it. In fact, I knew I'd have to post it. The film stars Justine Martin, Dan Fry, and Johan Venter as the aptly described characters, all living together in seeming dysfunction. The young twink is sleeping in, the witch is cranky as she prepares to go to an appointment, and the husband seems more interesting in whining than either partner. Can she sort out her problems speaking with a supernatural therapist, or by communing with nature? At just under 14 minutes, this is certainly a fun watch. The film was written, directed, and edited by leading man Dan Fry, while Venter handled the lights and cameras. This is "Shrine".

Enjoy your weekend!

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