Friday, February 14, 2014

Kevin Wood • Out Among The Wolves

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Being a judge for the RightOutTV Music and Video Awards certainly has it's perks. For me, the best one is the introduction to new artists from all over the world. This last year, one of the artists I had the pleasure of meeting was Kevin Wood, a singer/songwriter from California. Wood feels most comfortable behind his piano, so it is no wonder he lists Elton John and Billy Joel among the artists who have influenced him. I would describe his music as American Pop, with flavors of Folk and Country seasoning the stew. And much like a warm hearty bowl of stew, curling up on the sofa while listening to his new album, 'Out Among the Wolves', is a great way to warm yourself this snowy weekend.

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Today is the official release for Kevin's new album, 'Out Among The Wolves'. After giving the album a couple of listens, it makes total sense to me Kevin decided to share it with everyone on Valentine's Day, for it is really all about love. And can't we all use a little more love in our lives? The twelve-song collection kicks off with "Today", which floats and soars with a joy that warms the soul. There is something so self-affirming about the song, I want to play it for myself every morning. I am also glad Kevin managed to come out and admit he is a "Hopeless Romantic", which happens to be the name of the second track on the album.

The third song on the album is "Garden of Eden", which I had featured on the blog when it was released shortly after Thanksgiving. I thought it was sexy, flirty and hot, and am glad to say it is still true two months later. In case you missed it, please enjoy the music video for "Garden of Eden" by Kevin Wood.

There is an interesting vibe for "I Wanna Know", reminding me of the early stages of a relationship, when you want to learn all about this person you find irresistible. On "Not a Song", Kevin brings an Electro-Pop sound that is bold and upbeat, while taking an introspective look at his feelings. With the opening bars of "Falling Away", there is a moody and sexy feel. There is a great joy here, as there should be when you are falling for someone new. The piano starts off "Edge of Greatness" with a simple feel, but by the chorus, the power builds nicely. This is Kevin Woods singing "Edge of Greatness".

There is a sweetness to "Fuzzy", a song that reminds us how much we all want to feel warm and fuzzy from time to time, even if we've had relationships that have ended badly. Speaking of relationships having issues, "House is Burning Down" looks at the hard work you must put in a relationship, whether it is going well, or having problems. With the soulful start to "Too Many Questions", we start a bluesy introspective journey where we reach a point of no return. When do we hit that point when there is just too much of anything? This folds seamlessly into "What Are We Supposed to Expect", another look at the trials and tribulations of building a relationship. To complete the arc of the collection, Kevin gives us "One Time Around", reminding us there are no dress rehearsals, and no do-overs. We have to live every minute of our lives like there is no tomorrow. We must find and appreciate all the love, beauty and happiness we can find. And you can find some beauty in a song, like I did with this album. Kevin speaks from the heart, warming us with the joy and laughter, and never flinching as he looks at the pain and sorrow. There is an honesty, and authenticity found on this album, and I really found that heartening. 'Out Among the Wolves' is available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Kevin Wood, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, 'follow' him on Twitter, and 'follow' him on Tumblr.

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