Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kindbud • Don't Touch Me feat Gomi

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I find that I come across music in some interesting ways. Sometimes I get an email of Facebook message from an artists I might not have known, asking me to give a listen. Other times, I stumble across a song or video on YouTube, and am intrigued. Still others, I hear about an artist from JD Doyle of Queer Music History, Bill Northrup of Pride Showcase, or from RightOutTV, all of whom do a great job promoting LGBT artists. And sometimes, I hear mention of a new artist or song from other artists, and that will lead me in a new direction. Recently, I noticed Adam Joseph made mention of DJ Kindbud, and a new single and video for "Don't Touch Me".

Kindbud - Dead Beat City photo KindbudDeadBeatCityCOVER_zpsca8a29cc.jpg

"Don't Touch Me" is the 4th single from Kindbud's debut full length album entitled 'Dead Beat City' on Gomiantion Records. It seems Adam has worked with Kindbud on the album, The track features the talents of Gomi, who collaborated with Kindbud on the track. "I wanted to write a song that speaks to the people at the club that are there to dance, and not be touched," explained Kindbud. I was delighted when I watched the video and saw a couple of artists I've featured on this blog, the stylish Adam Joseph and the handsome and head-banging Corey Tut. The video is imaginative, smart, and beautifully shot, but that is just what I expect from any music video shot by Francis von Legge. And it, of course, stars the good-looking Kindbud, who is de-fed, de-frocked and re-frocked in the process.  This is the official music video for Kindred's "Don't Touch Me" featuring Gomi.

The music is smart, sexy, and has a sense of humor, always a fun listen. While it is great weekend music, you can also play it during the week, when you are just looking for something to give you that puch to make it to the weekend. You can find 'Dead Beat City' on iTunes and BeatPort. For more about Kindbud, you can visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, and 'like' him on Facebook.

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