Friday, February 21, 2014

Date Night • Cafe Com Leite (You, Me and Him)

Cafe com Leite (You, Me and Him) photo Cafe1_zps27572804.jpg
Cafe com Leite (You, Me and Him) photo Cafe2_zpsf4da1f49.jpg Cafe com Leite (You, Me and Him) photo Cafe3_zpsabbacb1b.jpg

'Cafe Come Leite' is a Brazilian film that is also known by the English title 'You, Me, and Him'. Danilo and Marcos are starting to think about their future together then the unimaginable happens. This leaves Danilo trying to figure out how to make room for both Marcos and his little brother Lucas in his life. The film was written and directed by Daniel Ribeiro, and stars Daniel Tavares as Danilo, Diego Torraca as Marcos, and Eduardo Melo as Lucas. There is such warmth and charm in this film, I could just drink it up. They speak in Portuguese, but there are subtitles. This is 'Cafe Com Leite'.

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