Monday, February 24, 2014

Dark Monday • Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal Sing What You Own

Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal photo anthony_rapp_adam-pascal-_c_joan_marcusm_zpsa66a4f12.jpg
Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal pictured from 'Rent' on tour. Photo by Joan Marcusm.

Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal costarred in the Original Broadway Cast of 'Rent', the Rock musical by Jonathan Larson that took New York by storm in 1996, first as an off-Broadway show that earned praise and the Pulitzer Prize For Drama, and moved to Broadway. The show was nominated for 10 Tony Awards, and took home four, including 'Best Musical'. I enjoyed several songs from the score, including "What You Own", the song sung by Mark (Rapp) and Roger (Pascal), two roommates who look at life very differently. Roger is a straight recovering drug addict who is also HIV positive, struggling to figure out how to find the life he wants, while Mark is a shy straight man, who uses his job as a filmmaker to distance himself from those around him. They both grow on the journey, as is evident when they sing the song "What You Own". This is a clip from the 2005 film version, which featured several of the original cast members. This is Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal singing "What You Own".

I really enjoyed the way their voices worked together, the way they sounded together. It doesn't hurt both are very good looking, and Rapp is a hot, out and proud gay man. 'Rent' was Larson's retelling of the classic story of Puccini's opera, 'La Boheme'. But instead of taking place in a lush society setting, 'Rent' is inhabited by poor artists living in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and dealing with modern issues, like drug abuse, prejudice, and HIV/AIDs. You can purchase the Original Broadway Cast album of 'Rent' from iTunes and Amazon. There was also an Original Soundtrack album for the movie version of 'Rent', which can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon.

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