Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cover Boy • Will Young

Will Young
Photobucket Will Young

Just before he released his latest album, Echoes, Will Young released a beautiful acoustic version of Kate Bush's exceptional song, Running Up That Hill. It most certainly is Will's take on the song, I am an unabashed fan of Kate Bush, and think this cover is layered and nuanced, just so very lovely.

The latest single off the new album, Come On, is one I like very much. What I didn't realize that is is essentially also a cover, have been first recorded in 2009 by the British ElectroPop group, Kish Mauve.

The first single off the new album, Jealousy, is another wonderful song, and the first to get an official video. I like the song very much, but this video is great!

While I would love to give you a link to Will's latest album on iTunes, I can't. At least not on the USA iTunes. You can find it on Amazon, where you can purchase it as an import. Check it out here. You can find his official website here, and his official Facebook here. Also, I just started watching a new series on BBC America. Bedlam featured Will in one of the central roles, and he is very good indeed.


  1. He's pretty half-nekkid, but damn that's a fine suit in the video for Running Up That Hill. I will definitely check it out. Love all things Kate! :)

  2. Writer, Will is just adorable no matter what he is wearing or not wearing, as the case may be.



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